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LogotypPlay the Music is an interactive exhibition devoted entirely to music. The exposition was produced in Great Britain. 

It was designed by Henry Lowe from Tourwest, a company specialising in developing and operating of themed exhibitions. Lowe is a former ehxibition designer at the British Museum as well as an artistic coordinator at the Museum Science in Chicago and an exhibition development director at the Natural History Museum in London. The exhibition is composed of 25 large interactive or multimedia exhibits and 30 graphic panels. All the major exhibits appear to be big aluminium suitcases with colorful graphics. The entirety of the exhibition is unitary and aesthetic. The graphic panels are aimed at all sorts of visitors, as their height is adapted to both children and adults. The exhibition is targeted at very wide range of recipients. The whole exposition is attractive both in terms of its visual and substantive qualities. Visitors to the exhibition can witness how the transmission and processing of a sound in the ear looks like, starting from sound waves to an electrical impulse in the brain. One of the inimitable attractions is also a unique, invisible harp, played by Jean-Michel Jarre during his gigs. If the visitors feel like checking their sense of rhythm or play the piano with their feet, nothing is going to prevent them from having a go at it. The exhibition has an educational profile with a concurrent hefty dose of fun. [gallery ids="2090,2086,2087,2091,2088,2089,2093,2094,2095,2092"]