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9 th of October 7:00 – 18:00 Emerging Markets in Europe (Spotlight on Poland, Russia, Turkey)

With a mostly saturated market in Western Europe, is this now the time for the emergence of the Eastern European attractions market? In what region are we likely to see the fastest growth? And what lessons can investors and operators in these emerging markets learn from well-established facilities in Western Europe? Moderator Reinoud van Assendelft welcomes a panel of experts to debate these questions and to examine current development three emerging markets: Poland, Russia and, Turkey. Yael Coifman from Leisure Development Partners will begin with an analysis of these markets in terms of size, demographics and spending power. Three experts in these countries, Fedor Gavrichenko from Russia, Marek Pisarski from Poland, and Sohret Pakis from Turkey will examine currents projects in each location.